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The Judges House, Camlibel, North Cyprus

Available on the open market for the first time is the most imposing Colonial house,

The Judge’s House is one of the few Colonial style houses in private hands in the whole of Cyprus and probably the only one in North Cyprus. When Judge Cyril Griffith-Williams retired from the Supreme Court of Cyprus in 1954 he commissioned a local architect to build his retirement house in the Colonial style and it does bear a striking resemblance to the Courts in Nicosia. See "Under the Clock - colonial architecture and history in Cyprus, 1878-1960" by Kenneth Schraam, published by The Bank of Cyprus, for an account of this style of architecture developed in Cyprus in the first half of the 20th. Century under the auspices of the British Colonial Office.

The recent judgement of the European Court of Justice re-emphasises the possibility of claims from Greek-Cypriot owners of land and property with the capability to pursue claims on other assets held in any of the other member states of the European Union. Because this house was built in 1955, and has been in British ownership continually ever since, the title deeds are completely sound and free from any dispute with Greek Cypriots. The present British owners bought the house from the Judge’s daughter nine years ago having bought a smaller house in the same village from Judge Griffith-Williams in 1969.

‘The Judge's House’ is situated in Çamlibel village, formerly Myrtou, which is 15 miles west of Kyrenia in North Cyprus. Çamlibel is an unspoilt typical Cypriot village 40 minutes from the airport of Ercan in the North and 1 hour from Larnaca in the South. Away from the tourist areas and mercifully free from contemporary trappings, the noise bustle and humidity of Kyrenia and the coast, it is nevertheless convenient for Kyrenia, Nicosia and the border crossing points.

Set 825ft above sea level there is a most pleasant climate with beautiful air and little humidity. The surrounding area is wooded with rich soil and sustains the market-garden farming community whose Turkish-Cypriot members are most friendly and welcoming.

A site plan is part of the Plans page and shows the other buildings on the site. They have been restored and comprise of two cottages and a Pool House. The total area of the site is 2 Donums and the whole is enclosed by a stone wall.

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